Beekeeping seems to have been in Kainen’s blood since he was young. Here is he is at four years old, focused on his first look at a beehive. It was love at first sight.

It was quite a few years later that “Papa”, Kainen’s Grandpa (and Grandma) moved south from the family farm in Rose Prairie, BC, to Strathcona County, AB. ¬†It was then that Kainen joined him to be apprenticed as a beekeeper. Kainen is now 18 and is deeply involved in the beekeeping, less as a new student and more as an experienced partner these days and is pleased with his ability to carry out many beekeeping tasks independently. ¬†Kainen has the unique characteristic of not reacting to bee stings at all, not even a red spot, so that alone makes him a good candidate for this job he loves.

Growing up and growing a business.